All the categories are certified by the ITRA, International Trail Running Association and will have points to qualify for the UTMB races. Deccan Ultra is now a candidate race for Asia Trail Masters 2021.

The route is a mix of easy-ascent slopes as well as treacherous rocky outcrops overlooking the valley below. To climb the near-vertical slopes there are iron ladders along the course. The 115km and 80km category circulates around the Bhandardhara dam and involves climbing 5 forts and the Kalsubai peak.

115 KM

Kalsubai | Alang | Madan | Kulang | Ratangarh | Katrabai | Kumseth | Pachane | Pabargarh | Bhandardara


80 KM

Kalsubai | Alang | Madan | Kulang | Ratangarh | Pabargarh | Bhandardara



Kalsubai | Alang | Ghatghar | Udhadawane | Bhandardara


30 KM

Bari | Kalsubai | Udhadawane | Bhandardara